Logo design for an urban aquaponics company starting up in Cleveland, Ohio. Aquaponics is a version of hydroponics that includes fish, which work in symbiosis with the plants using minimal fertilizers and conserving water.
"When one is venturing into a new business, it’s always great to find the right help to convey the right message to attract your potential customers. Its one thing to create the business and make the product, but it’s totally another when one has to attract people to try it. As a result, startups such as mine have a challenging time creating the right brand; a message that truly reverberates with our audience.  
That’s why working with Fizz Creative was awesome! They worked with me throughout the design process and diligently kept me in the loop. They really took the time to take my thoughts and feelings into consideration when creating a lasting brand. As a result of our close collaboration, the final product turned out great and was everything I needed and more! The right help! The right message! Thank you!" 
–Kevin Calhoun
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